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car rent services in chotila, is a Hindu place of worship in Surendranagar district, located near Rajkot, Gujarat. Historically, this area is called ‘Panchal’. It is the worship place for Mata Chamunda, which is one of the 64 Avatars of Shakti,others being Bahuchar Mata, Kali Mata, Ambaji Mata etc. Chamunda Mataji is the Kuldevi (family Goddess) of many Hindus. Earlier Chotila was princely state of Khachar dynasty. It was having area of 18 km2. Chotila is also the birthplace of famous Gujarati poet Zaverchand Meghani. Chotila is also a small town, in the district Surendranagar. Chotila is a small town having population of around 20,000 people and is a Nagarpalika, Taluka head quarter and Legislative Assembly area. The Mataji temple is situated at the top of the Chotila hill. Mataji temples are mostly located at the top of the hills in India anlevel. reason for this is that if you want to visit the Mata Temple, you will have to undergo some physical strain. Total footsteps were around 366. Now, after renovation,there are around 700 footsteps. Chotila is located on the Rajkot to Ahmedabad National Highway No.8A.It is around 170 km. from Ahmedabad and 60 km from Rajkot. Compare to sea level Chotila is the tallest point in Saurashtra region. The hill is 1,173 feet above sea level.