car rental ahmedabad to jodhpur

car rental ahmedabad to jodhpur, Planning a weekend tour to Jodhpur from Ahmedabad and thinking of how to go comfortably without facing the hazardous journeys of the buses or trains? Then the ideal option for you will be to book a car service. You might be thinking whom car service to trust. We are here to take all your worries while providing you a comfortable and cozy journey that you will remember for the rest of your life. Jodhpur is the city of the Rajasthani Kings and the destinations of this city are a complete treat to watch. This city contains several magnificent architectural masterpieces. The distance between Ahmedabad to Jodhpur is 462 km. To cover this journey you can rent our Tata Indigo AC cars meant for 4 people except the driver. It will take Rs 10.50/km. Or if you are going in a team, then you can choose to hire Toyota Innova, the 6 seater car except the driver for Rs 13/km