car rental in ahmedabad

car rental in ahmedabad, Transport Ahmedabad is the former capital of Gujrat which is now shifted to Gandhinagar. Ahmedabad Situated on the banks of river Sabarmati was the home of Freedom fighter, The Father of the Indian Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. A lot of freedom fights originated from here. There were two very famous ashrams in the city one was Kochrab Ashram near Paldi and the other one Satyagraha Ashram now known as Sabarmati ashram most of the freedom fight protests would emerge from these ashrams. After India achieved Independence, Ahmedabad was made the capital of Gujrat state in 1960.

car rental in ahmedabad, The city of Ahmedabad emerged as a major textile industry center, also there were heavy industries and chemicals industries coming up in Ahmedabad. In recent years there are set up of many IT industries in Ahmedabad. Sabarmati River basically divides Ahmadabad into two zones, the eastern old part which has main railway station, the general post office, many places of worship, and old styled clustered bazaar, and the western modern built city housing educational institutions, shopping malls, multiplexes, well planned residential areas etc. Ahmedabad has a partly dry type of climate, the temperature in summer rises up to 41 degrees Celsius and in winters it is as low as 15 degrees Celsius, during monsoons it rains up to 800 mm on an average. Architecture During the period of last millennium, the ancient Indian craftsmanship in the Ahmedabad sultanate was very artistically fused with Islamic Architecture and a new style named as Indo-Saracenic style emerged. Lots of building, Mosques and other institutions in Ahmedabad are built in this style. Later many famous Architects gave different landmark iditenties to the city, which are famous even today. Like Louis Khan designed IIM building, Le Corbusier designed Shodhan and sarabhai Villas and Sangath and the Doshi-Hussain Gufa, there are many more architects of repute who contributed towards the building of modern Ahmadabad.