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rajkot city cabs,¬†Rajkot is a city in the state of Gujarat in Western India. Mahatma Gandhi pursued his early education in Rajkot. This city has a very important role in the Indian economy. The historical count of this state too is something of India that cannot be ignored. Gandhiji’s childhood life is attached to this city of Rajkot. His father was an officer in Rajkot and hence Gandhi had to stay his younger age in this city. Now the home where he stayed is converted into a museum preserving and displaying the articles and photographs of Gandhi. Currently it is a well developed city with major industrial setup. If you are looking for car rental Rajkot let us know and we will be happy to provide you with best budgeted deals for car rentals in Rajkot, cabs booking, Rajkot car rental, car rental in Rajkot, luxury car rental Rajkot, rent a car Rajkot, rajkot city cabs corporate car rental Rajkot, business rent a car Rajkot, Rajkot cab booking M.I.C.E in Rajkot ,Taxis / Cabs in Rajkot,Business Tour in Rajkot,Long Term Car Rentals in Rajkot, Car Rental Tour Packages in Rajkot and more. . For packages, questions or comments for Car Rental Rajkot, write to us by clicking on Send enquiry