taxi service at jamnagar airport

taxi service at jamnagar airport, Founded in way back in the year 1540, Jamnagar is the official dwelling centre for the Jam, the Jadeja Rajput rulers of Nawanagar. Initially, the city was built around the small lake of Ranmal. Jamnagar has been held in high esteem for its naval base and pearl fisheries for many centuries now. It is also reckoned widely for a specific type of tie-and dye fabrics. Presently, the city is held in high importance for accommodating the country’s only Ayurvedic University in India. The temple of Bala Hanuman on the southeast corner of the lake is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for its continuous chanting of the “Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram” since August 1st, 1964.

Some of the other popular tourist attractions of Jamnagar include City Lake accommodating 75 species of birds, beautiful islands full of corals, sea shells, birds, octopus etc., pristine beaches with white and golden sands, Hills with temples on top, forest rich in wildlife, bird sanctuaries with over 250 varieties of birds, marine sanctuaries with dolphins, Marine National Park, and many more. Booking a taxi at Jamnagar will help you enjoy a hassle free and enjoyable tour.